Protection Benefits

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Protection Benefits

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Can an FIA Provide Guaranteed* Income For Life?

Is an FIA a good investment?” This is a question we’ve seen people ask. And well, first of all, an FIA isn’t actually an investment. It’s actually an insurance product. This allows for a number of benefits, including guaranteed* income safety. This is what separates putting money into an FIA from investing it.

FIAs do not invest directly in the stock market. However, their interest rate is based on an external index. Rest assured, your principal is set in a reserve where it’s guaranteed* safe.

An FIA Can Offer Guaranteed* Income

FIAs come with some key benefits that certain other products and accounts don’t. The stability offered could make it the perfect option for you, assuming you have safety as your main priority. However, making enough to make sure you don’t run out is important, too. Retirees are living longer and longer, and the cost of living is increasing. If outliving your retirement savings is something you’re concerned about, an FIA might be worth considering.

Interest Rate

Although safety is important, and an FIA does take care of this, gaining high enough returns is also important. An FIA can offer reasonable rates of return** on your money, and you have the potential to lock these gains in. Guaranteed* income protection, and reasonable rates of return,** offered by one easy-to-understand product? If you ask us, it’s the best of both worlds.

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